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To make things even easier for you, a Web developer can build Responsive Web Design Templates that automatically generate flexible Web pagesfrom the content that you create using WordPress.

What’s a template?  And what’s WordPress?  I’ll explain…

First off, WordPress is a powerful, yet simple to use, Web publishing platform that allows anyone to easily create content for websitesWITHOUT having to know a single line of HTML code!

WordPress lets you to add text, images and links quickly and with amazing simplicity.  If you can edit a Word document, then you can publish to the Web using WordPress.

WordPress is designed to empower non-technical people to effortlessly publish content for the Web. Currently, over 22% of all new websites are built with WordPress; and 14% of the top 1 million heavily trafficked sites use WordPress.

WordPress is simply the Best Choice for building & maintaining your website.

With help from MOBILUS, the platform is the ideal choice for building Responsive Web Sites.  Control your own Web destiny with MOBILUS + WordPress.

Everyone Loves WordPress.

Here is THE MAIN REASON WHY so many WEB DEVELOPERS and AUTHORS choose WordPress as their Web Publishing Platform…

“ One of the basic goals of all professional Web developers is to create client websites that maintain the integrity of their layout and design – regardless of the number of authors and the skill level of the content contributors.  WordPress, with it’s template architecture, accomplishes this goal by keeping the content separate from the design.

WordPress templates are in effect a recipe and a blueprint for building properly formatted Web pages.  Simply add your ingredients (i.e. your content) and the system takes care of the rest.

WordPress is also amazing for the following reasons:

  • Easy to extend your site functionality with over 17,000 plug-ins.
  • User friendly content authoring.
  • Always improving & easy to update.
  • User management for multiple authors.
  • Search engine optimized “Google-friendly” pages.
  • Customizable page links.
  • Industry embraced technology.
  • Open source & free to use.
  • Plus a whole lot more…

So, to bring it all together…

Using “Responsive Web Design” technologies, MOBILUS builds “Responsive” WordPress templates which generate dynamic Web pages that look amazing and function intuitively on any screen size.


A Great Website on Any Device

If you haven’t already discovered why Responsive Web Design is the way to go … then, check this out!

Learn About Responsive Design >Learn why Responsive sites ALSO look amazing on tablets and smartphones!

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