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It all started in 1995 with a vision – to create sites that our clients could update themselves.

At the time, you had to build a custom application to allow non-technical users to  update their own websites  …  Blogs hadn’t even been invented yet!  In 1998, a Hollywood indie film maker – K2 Films – hired us to do just that – build a “Daily Web Log” (a.k.a. “Blog”) system that would allow the director share every step of the movie-making process.  As a result of our efforts, in 1999, we commercialized a unique web-enabled software tool called – FeedStream that was the first CMS integration with Adobe Dreamweaver.

Using FeedStream, your Web developer would visually create design templates in Dreamweaver and the client would simply use the FeedStream CMS to create and manage the content.  The system was so unique that Adobe actually  built their own – and called it Contribute!  We were flattered.  (Well…at least Adobe published a case study on FeedStream and showcased it on their website.)

Several years later, we dropped the connection to Dreamweaver and allowed developers to hand code the templates using XML, HTML and CSS technologies – the software was called FeedStream Fluid.  It was so good that we still have clients loving it – 8 years later!

As a technology visionary – our Founder, Michael Bardeggia has always been looking for the best way to build and manage sites.  Now he’s found it in WordPress.  WordPress is here to stay – and has millions of sites using it – with legions of developers making it better – everyday.  In essence, WordPress continued where the vision of FeedStream left off – and we’re never looking back.  Now, we’re building solely with WordPress.

Finally, with the mobile revolution in full force – we’re creating Responsive websites that look amazing on any sized screen – and our clients manage their sites with WordPress.

The company name is MOBILUS, and the rest “as they say” … is History.

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